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Play, is it really therapeutic?
Medical Play: More than just playing doctor

When discussing the child life profession, a common reaction I hear from people is “wow, you get to just play with kids all day- what a fun job!” While in my mind I am quickly constructing a list of other tasks that often must be prioritized before play can occur… [Read More]

Open Windows! Promote Children’s Use of Language Through Storytelling!

Storytelling has a long and rich evolution. From the Egyptians hieroglyphics dating back about 5,000 years ago to the detailed drawings in France’s Charvet cave.  Storytelling continues to captivate us. It’s an art form that can require our mental, physical, and visual acuity. In fact, we are hard-wired for stories… [Read More]

Understanding CHIP, Children’s Health Insurance Program 

The Children’s Health Insurance Program provides low cost health coverage to children in families that earn too much money to qualify for Medicaid. In certain states CHIP covers women who are pregnant. Each state offers CHIP coverage and works closely with its state Medicaid program. Sadly, parents and other childcare givers who earn enough to provide the essentials for for their children, but not enough… [Read More]

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Get Inspired with Yogi Monique Schubert & Soothe the Stress 

When my children were small they were like most, busy little kids and into everything.  Each had at least one imaginary friend and a host of real-life friends.  They would play for hours.  Little nooks around our home were transformed into… [Read More]

“Billy Books” author James Minter

The Billy Books not only cater to children in their primary years and appeals to the inner child in each of us, but is perfect for shared-reading experiences between parents and children… [Read More]

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