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The SUNKISSED FAMILIES Team cares deeply about the social and emotional health of children and their families, which is why all of the content we produce is free to all of our visitors. We understand that the quality of your family’s social and emotional health can have a significant impact on the quality of your family life. Each of our Child Development Specialists & Analysts dedicate their time to helping parents understand where a child’s social and emotional health begins and how it evolves. This means helping parents to understand the importance of nurturing trust, independence, initiative, competence, and individuality in children. We believe these healthy attitudes are the foundation for helping children establish and achieve goals, express compassion for others, and establish and maintain positive relationships.

At SUNKISSED FAMILIES we are creating a SUNKISSED culture of nurturing a child’s healthy life in stages. This applies to the integrity of our relationships with ourselves, with our children, and with our community. And, we are just beginning. SUNKISSED FAMILIES will continue to develop all areas of our company, with a special dedication to our Childhood Environments section, which promotes those wonderful, healthy nurturing practices inside and outside your home.


Jeannine Marie Lenehan,

Founder & Principal



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