Changing the Vernacular on Media and Child Health

Research has shown that despite the possible associated risks, media can help promote children’s sense of personal identity and their emerging sense of purpose. Media can also help children explore their values, provide prosocial language that can help encourage sharing and problem solving, and can help children to build healthy social connections. However, identifying media that promote these qualities can be problematic. Research has shown that media can influence certain negative health effects in children including aggression, poor body image, cyber-bullying, drug and alcohol abuse, fear and anxiety, media addiction, poor nutrition, diminishing physical activity, promiscuous sexual behavior, and interrupted sleep patterns. Parents can feel overwhelmed by media’s omnipresent nature and may find it challenging when helping children navigate their media landscape and monitor their children’s media diet.

Our SUNKISSED FAMILIES contributors explore media’s effects on the social and emotional health of children to help empower parents and help children create and consume media in ways that augment their health and development.

Jeannine Marie Lenehan,

Founder & Principal

SUNKISSED FAMILIES and the Center for Social & Emotional Health



Parents, Use Your Pause Button!

Jeannine M. Lenehan

Always be mindful and make sure any media that is introduced to your infant, child, tween, or teen is developmentally appropriate. A great rule of thumb is to read labels and critical reviews of any media product you are considering, then take a moment [Read More]


Child & Adolescent Quick Reference Media

Jeannine M. Lenehan

Parenting, Child Health & Media: If I Knew Then What I Know Now…
Exploring Values, Problem Solving & Social Connections Through Media

Jeannine M. Lenehan


When my children were born, the cell phone had only been commercially available for a few years and was hardly considered a necessity. By the 90s, email had become popular and the World Wide Web was gaining momentum. In many ways, my children and commercial technology entered their early stages of development simultaneously. As our children grew [Read More]


Interview with James Minter

The Billy Books not only cater to children in their primary years and appeals to the inner child in each of us, but is perfect for shared-reading experiences between parents and children [Read More]


2017 Children’s Summer Reading List,
4-10 yrs. Books that promote healthy attitudes in children

Summer means academic downtime for many children, making it the perfect time to bridge that summer gap with books that interest your child. Books are powerful tools that can introduce children to people and places that may be familiar or unique to them. They can promote empathy and encourage initiative. Books can take children on a trip to the stars or… [Read More]


2017 Teen’s Summer Reading List

There are few vehicles more captivating or insightful than a wonderfully written book. They can unlock a teenager’s imagination, provide them a variety of perspectives, and spark meaningful conversations about complicated subjects such relationships and personal identity. Books can also demystify places and cultures that are unique to them and promote their understanding… [Read More]



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