Mindful Movement

The mindful teacher understands that the social and emotional health of children can directly influence their mental and physical well-being. Disruptions in home life or constant distractions can negatively influence how children feel or react. In an optimal classroom setting the mindful teacher introduces effective coping practices such as deep breathing techniques, sensory and guided imagery experiences, and mindful movement that can help children feel more focused and relaxed.

Our SUNKISSED FAMILIES contributors explore those mindful practices she has utilized inside and outside the classroom in our series Mindful Movement.


Jeannine Marie Lenehan,

Founder & Principal

SUNKISSED FAMILIES and the Center for Social & Emotional Health



Mindful Movement in the Classroom

Julianne Lenehan

As I scan across my kindergarten classroom, I see one child finishing a math worksheet on the floor, another building a life-size Lego castle, a small group working together at a round table to make a picture book, and a few sitting on pillows reading “The Hungry Caterpillar.” Our door that opens directly to the garden is propped open [Read More]


Soothe the Stress with Yogi Monique Schubert

Jeannine Marie Lenehan

When my children were small they were like most, busy little kids and into everything. Each had at least one imaginary friend and a host of real-life friends. They would play for hours. Little nooks around our home were transformed into [Read More]




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